Close Instance

Half Mag / Half Zine

Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White said this week that the Bills have to go through the Chiefs if they want to take the next step up the NFL ladder and added that he thinks the team is close to making that breakthrough.

Head coach Sean McDermott didn’t say on Tuesday if he agrees with White about the distance between the two teams, but he made it clear that he sees daylight between them. He noted that his former boss Andy Reid is in his eighth year with the Chiefs and “that’s a little bit of a feel for how long they’ve been building their program and where we are.”

McDermott called the loss to the back-to-back AFC champs a “measuring stick” for his club as they try to eliminate the edge that Kansas City has built up.

“There is still a gap in terms of where we are and where they are. It’s not just one answer that solves that problem,” McDermott said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of “We all have to, starting with me, we all have to continue asking ourselves the hard questions of the what-ifs and the whys and the hows. We as a staff have to get better and improve, we have to improve our roster, we have to improve our operation and what we do.”

One area McDermott singled out for attention is the team’s run game and he also said that “the speed element showed up on the field the other night” while discussing the differences between the two teams. They’ll get their next chance to see how they measure up to the Chiefs in the 2021 regular season.