Close Instance

Half Mag / Half Zine

Violent riots and looting in Den Bosch continued on Monday night leaving many store owners to pick up the pieces on Tuesday morning. “We feel that the municipality did not do enough to prevent this and did not give us good advice”, Monique de Klein of entrepreneurs’ association Hartje’s-Hertogenbosch said to Omroep Brabant.

“It is a tragic tale through and through; the whole center was a war zone”, De Klein said. She already contacted the municipality Monday morning with concerns over how events would unfold throughout the course of the evening, she said.“All we were told was that they had it under control and to clear the windows and put the terraces inside. We wanted to hear that we are well protected.”

In the center of Den Bosch dozens of young people destroyed and plundered stores, among them a shoe store, a fashion outlet, a Jumbo City and a Primera.

“I think this is truly terrible,” a passer-by said to the broadcaster. “Entrepreneurs already have it so difficult and then, everything gets destroyed and plundered.”

Another elderly woman had even stronger words for the rioters: “Criminal anarchists, that is what they are. That they can stand here and do this while still laughing, shame on them!”

De Klein encouraged entrepreneurs to not give up. “I hope that they have the courage to continue. We will request more support now.”

Den Bosch mayor Jack Mikkers said that he has launched an investigation into the late arrival of the riot police. According to him, a lot of time passed between when he first asked for help and until the riot squad was on site.

“The riot police were summoned quickly, but before they arrived, it took a long time,” Mikkers said. Time during which rioting and looting continued. “While they left an unimaginable trail of destruction,” he said.