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On the third night of the coronavirus curfew, the Netherlands faced its third nigh of rioting. Multiple cities saw looting, fireworks, arson, and clashes between the rioters and the police. The riot police were deployed in multiple places and at least 151 people were arrested, the police said late in the evening. In most cities, calm returned by around 11:30 p.m., NOS reports.

In Amsterdam, the unrest was centered around Molukkenstraat in Amsterdam-Oost. Rioters tried to push a police van on its side. Nine people were arrested. The police reported that the situation was under control during the course of the evening.

Rioters turned against the police in Rotterdam-Zuid, throwing stones and fireworks at officers. There was widespread looting and at least 50 people were arrested. The riot police carried multiple charges and a police officer was injured in the leg. About 150 to 200 rioters turned to looting, police chief Willem Woelders said to Nieuwsuur.

At around 4:30 a.m., mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb issued an emergency decree for the area around Groene Hilledijk and Beijlandselaan, where a supermarket and drugstore had been looted and police fired a warning shot.

In The Hague, police officers had fireworks and stones pelted at them. The riot police cleared rioters away and a police helicopter was spotted circling above Schilderswijk, where rioting happened on Sunday.

Den Bosch saw rioting in multiple places. Dozens of rioters, dressed in black, looted and vandalized a supermarket and electronics store. A car was set on fire. At the end of the evening, all access roads to Den Bosch were closed off by the police, to prevent more people from joining the riots in the city center, according to Omroep Brabant. The police ordered train traffic between Den Bosch and Vught halted, because there were rioters on the train tracks, ProRail said.

Helmond-Noord saw rioters lighting fireworks, throwing stones, and committing vandalism, according to Omroep Brabant. Riot police were deployed to disperse the crowd.

In Breda, three people were arrested for incitement, the police said on Twitter. “Were you also guilty of incitement? Then you run the risk of being arrested, not only tonight, but also in the coming days,” the police said.

In the Schalkwijk district of Haarlem, rioters threw stones at police and started a fire. A press photographer had a stone thrown at the back of his head. Riot police were also pelted with stones. The police used tear gas on the rioters.

In Geleen, the riot police dispersed a group of around 150 young people who threw fireworks and committed vandalism. Twelve people, including some minors, were arrested for violating the coronavirus rules.

Emergency decrees were issued for various areas in Zwolle. At least three people were arrested by the riot police. The police managed to get the situation under control. “We’ll stick around to enforce curfew. Be sensible and stay home,” the police said on Twitter.

Eight people were arrested in Almelo for various reasons, mayor Arjen Gerritsen said on Twitter.

In Veenendaal, the riot police were deployed to deal with people throwing fireworks at police officers. Two people were arrested.

In Tilburg, the police said they arrested a man with an electric shock weapon.