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Krys Barnes has surgery to repair fractured thumb

Packers inside linebacker Krys Barnes wore a club Sunday to protect his injured thumb. He was in and out of the lineup and ended up playing 37 of 65 defensive

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BrainFocus, a computer program to locate the source of epilepsy in the brain

About 50 million people suffer from epilepsy in the world, one-third of whom do not respond to drug treatment. In many cases it is advisable to perform a surgical intervention

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Joules fashions a £1.3m profit despite the lockdown pain

Booming online sales helped Joules post a profit despite store closures. Sales at the fashion chain fell by 15.3 per cent to £94.5million in the six months to the end

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Zen 3 scalpers made almost $1 million profit from 8,720 eBay sales

The runup to last year’s holiday season shone a spotlight on scalping like never before. Everything from the new generation of consoles, to graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, to

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Girl hurt by brick thrown through bus window

A 16-year-old girl was injured on a Connexxion bus on Tuesday when a brick was thrown through the vehicle’s window. She had to go to hospital with a head injury,

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